How Azzuu Works

Azzuu is a game-changer. It’s a sports social media management and content creation platform, built from the ground up, by a­ team of die-hard sports fanatics and experienced marketing professionals.

Sport can be blisteringly fast. To keep up you need something that’s rapid, powerful, yet easy to use, that can run with the action and keep a global fan base on the edge of their seats. That’s why we created Azzuu Live. It enables sports clubs and organisations to hit their supporters with bang-on-brand, media-rich social content, across all key platforms, on any device and in seconds as the match unfolds.

We know that engagement is everything. It’s what builds loyalty to your brand and gives valuable exposure to your sponsors. That’s why we dedicated so much time and expertise to developing and refining Azzuu’s video and animation capabilities. Posts are engaging, dramatic and always on brand –they’re impossible to ignore. What’s more, Azzuu enables you to monetize your digital screens and social media activity with new sponsorship revenue streams,whilst netting you even more income. It’s a win-win opportunity.

The success of any team comes from how well its supported by the backroom staff and that’s why at Azzuu we offer the very best in creative and strategic management coupled with 24/7 technical support.

A dedicated Business Manager is assigned to each client, their role is to provide the highest level of customer service. The Azzuu platform is built for speed, control and consistency and these same values are replicated in our service ethos.

We are passionate creatives and we offer a full-service approach, but we’re not precious, so if you have a creative direction you want us execute we’re happy to collaborate and fulfil your concepts.

The relationship starts with our Go-Live process, enabling a transparent and accurate setup. From demo through to Live the platform is built for efficiency in time and resources, delivering accurate integration into sports businesses.

Get in touch today and allow us to talk you through the possibilities of the platform, as well as discuss any bespoke needs you may have. While the main part of the platform is set, any bespoke development can be accommodated to allow your business to do what it needs to achieve your goals.  


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